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Difference Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server-Which is the best ?

There are 2 options in regards to web hosting solutions. You can host your website via a shared server  or look into dedicated servers.
Either option comes with its own pros and cons.

Shared Hosting

In most cases, shared servers are utilized by website owners who are working with a tight budget and whose websites do not need a robust server solution.

If your main goal is to post a personal blog or a one-page website detailing basic information about a service you offer, a UK web host would be the appropriate choice.
Shared servers come equipped with plenty of disk space and bandwidth for the small-business owner and the expense only costs several dollars per month, all without the typical maintenance issues associated with having a dedicated server account.

The down side of shared servers is that resources such as CPU and RAM are shared with dozens of other websites. Your IP is also shared.
The sharing may cause down times and slow access to your site and times (shouldn’t be too often though), because traffic picks and server bottlenecks caused by other sites may affect your site as well.

Dedicated Server

Once your website is large enough for you to consider paying for the technology of a dedicated server, you will know that you are finally among the other “big boys” of the Internet.

While some providers of dedicated server hosting offer to fully manage your server (at an additional cost of course), you can choose to save some money by handling the technical stuff on your own.
However, if you are not skilled enough as an administrator, you run the risk of facing complicated situations. On the up side, you are in complete control of every part of your site.

Remember, do not select from among cheap hosting providers if your site requires a great deal of bandwidth as well as disk space, even if you feel confident that your website will grow in the future. Make the right choice in the beginning and prevent problems in the future.

We at WebHostingPeople provide both shared as well as dedicated servers to meet your requirements.

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