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Difference Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server-Which is the best ?

There are 2 options in regards to web hosting solutions. You can host your website via a shared server  or look into dedicated servers. Either option comes with its own pros and cons. Shared Hosting In most cases, shared servers are utilized by website owners who are working with a tight budget and whose websites […]

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Transferring a domain from GoDaddy

In order to transfer your domain from GoDaddy, you must first unlock your domain and obtain the transfer authorization code from within your GoDaddy Account Manager. You also need to disable private registration on the domain (if enabled).

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Tips to Effectively Promote Your Website

When it comes to online marketing, one too many people have the perception that “if you build it, they will come”. Unfortunately, succeeding involves far more than just creating a website. With literally billions of pages on the web, it is very unlikely that someone will just run into your website. People know what they […]

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