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How To Create Scheduled Tasks Using WebsitePanel

With WebsitePanel, you can schedule certain tasks which the system will perform at a certain specific time. For example, you can give instructions to capture a backup of your SQL Server 2012 database every Wednesday at 4 PM. This will enable you to restore your database in case of any hardware failure. You can’t predict things but it is always better to be safe than to worry at a later point of time.

Follow the steps given below to create a scheduled task

(1) Login to WebsitePanel and click Scheduled Tasks icon


(2) Select Add Scheduled Task button

(3) You will view Scheduled Task Properties page where you need to provide required details

(4) You can set scheduled tasks for the following events





(5) The scheduled task can be set on a daily, weekly, monthly basis including as a one-time task.

(6) It is also possible to create custom time period for scheduled tasks by selecting the Interval option

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