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How to Use Schedule Task in DotNetPanel to Execute a URL

This article will show you step by step how to add a scheduled task in DotNetPanel to execute a URL at specific time or at specified intervals of time. This URL can be a complete website address pointing to any page.

Step 1. Login into your control panel. Click on Scheduled Tasks

Step 2. This will open the Scheduled Tasks page. Here, click on Add Scheduled Task
Step 3. Now you are at the Scheduled Task Properties page where you can make configurations. On this page, first provide a name to your task. Then, select “Check Web Site Availability” from the drop down menu of “Task Type”. After changing “Task Type”, the page will refresh and repaint the other inputs.

Enter the complete URL of your file in the following format:

The file or page can be uploaded or altered later.

The files (like html, asp, aspx. Php etc) that can be browsed with a browser can be used here with its COMPLETE URL. For example, if your domain name is and your file (myfile.aspx) is located under wwwroot/myschedule/ then the COMPLETE URL for this file will be as below:

Step 4. Finally, you need to provide a scheduled time to execute this URL. You may execute your URL on any one of following basis:
a. Daily
b. Weekly
c. Monthly
d. Once (Single time execution)
e. Interval basis (Hour / Minute)


Select the required execution period and provide an execution time. Then click the Save button. Your scheduled task is now ready to execute at the provided timetable.

Noted: There are a few other inputs in this configuration page, but they are not related to our requirement.

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