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High Traffic
«« Guaranteed listing in Google
This plan provides fast automatic submission to over 400 search engines and directories, reaching close to all Internet users. This plan is ideal for customers that do not need help optimizing their website while having the need for maximum reach and exposure.
This plan includes everything from the Basic Traffic plan, plus:
Guaranteed listing in Google
HyperSubmit owns a unique technology that will list your site in Google within 8 weeks, guaranteed.
HyperSubmit is the ONLY search engine listing service that guarantees listing in Google! * To have your site listed in Google, it must follows our
Technical Guidelines.
12 months guaranteed inclusion
Typically, web site owners have little control over when the search engines list and drop their web site. With this plan, we guarantee that your web site will be listed for a whole year.
Submit to 400 search engines
Now that you have an online business is the right time for unlocking the full potential of the Internet, reaching customers worldwide. With this plan, we submit your site to over 400 search engines, assuring worldwide exposure and reach.
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